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Computers at UNE--How to get a Account

All Computer Science students at UNE must be able to use the Unix systems at UNE. You use your Unix computer account to contact staff and other students, access teaching material, submit assignments, and use programs required to complete course work. A computer account consists of a username and a password.

There are several computer accounts you need to know about:


This system is run by MCS. You must have an account on this machine if you are doing any Computer Science units.

A turing username and password should be sent to all external students when they start Computer Science. If for some reason you do not receive a turing username by the end of the first week, you should contact the School's Systems Administrators. They will send you the username as soon as possible. See Appendix A for contact information.

Internal students will be given their account during their first tutorial.

turing accounts are usually deleted when you finish your degree. That is, your account stays active over holiday and end of year breaks. It even stays active if you take a semester break. If you take a break longer than a semester, your account will be deleted. A new account will be made when you re-enroll in a Computer Science unit.

Usernames and passwords are shared by turing with all other systems belonging to MCS. That is, if you have an account on one, you automatically have an account on other systems in the School. This includes the PC laboratories and other large Unix systems run by the School.

Usernames are constructed by taking the first letter of your first name and up to the first seven letters of your surname. If this clashes with a name already in use, the name is shortened, if necessary, to seven letters and a digit is added on the end to make it unique. So if your name is Betty Rubble, your username will usually be brubble. Barney Rubble, if he was processed later, would be brubble1.


The University's main Unix system is called metz. You must have a metz account if you want to use:

You can also apply for a metz account by going to the online registration page on the WWW. You can find this at

Internal students can simply go to FirstCall in the ITS building and request their metz account. You will need to show your Student Card as proof of identity.

The username will usually be the same as your turing username. Differences can occur when digits are added to the end of a username. The metz account, however, is independent of your turing account. It does not give you access to any MCS facilities.

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