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Your Home Computer

To do Computer Science externally at UNE, you need to access the University's Unix systems. The usual way4 to do this is to purchase a computer and modem for your home. This will allow you to connect to an ISP5 near you, or to UNE directly. So the first requirement of your home computer is to be able to connect a modem and run some communications software to contact UNE.

All the computing resources required to do your Computer Science course work are supplied online by the UNE systems. Connecting to UNE to do your work, however, could get expensive and inconvenient while you tie up your phone line for long periods. The second use for your computer then is to provide you with the tools you require to do your course work at home. When you have completed a task, you can transfer your work to the UNE systems for final testing and submission for marking.


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