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Assignments, Email and Other Links

  • If you are a student, please check your email from (using your full email address and your UNE password).
  • If you are a staff member (on Exchange) please go to to access mail and set up vacation messages.
  • Read your turing Email
    If you still use turing to read your email, you can use a Web based interface.
  • Assignment submission
    This is the web based assignment submission facility used for some Computer Science and Mathematics units. It requires your UNE username and password. This is not available for all units. Some units require that you use the command line submission facility (submit). Other units will use the Moodle on-line submission system.
  • Register for a UNE account
    You will need a UNE account to be able to access most services at UNE, including services provided by our School.
  • Change your UNE password.
  • Setting up x2go

On-Line Documentation