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UNE Modems

UNE is itself an Internet provider to UNE staff. It is not clear at this stage if this service will be provided to students in 2001. It is only really an advantage for students living in the local area of UNE. The modem bank located at UNE provides full PPP or terminal access to anyone registered with a metz username enabled for modem access. Any student or staff member of UNE can obtain a metz account but only some are enabled for modem access.

Like all good Internet providers, we provide you with the information needed to make a PPP connection:

Phone Number

IP Address
UNE uses dynamic IP addresses. That is, an IP address is assigned on connection. Static IP addresses, if required, can be provided on request.

Domain Name

Domain Name Servers
Primary:; Secondary:

UNE uses the Password Authentication Protocol

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