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Connecting with PPP (Point to Point Protocol)

PPP software is used to turn your computer into an Internet host. This software comes standard with Linux systems and the many varieties of Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000...) systems and is even not too hard to find for Windows 3.1 systems. The descriptions following pertain to UNE connection. Connection to other ISPs will work in a similar manner but will vary in some of the detail.

In the newer versions of Windows, setting up PPP can be quite simple. You just need to invoke the ``Internet Wizard''. Getting an Internet connection can be as simple as filling out the phone number of your ISP. This wizard also works for connecting to UNE.

Linux also comes with some simple methods of configuring PPP. See the documentation that comes with and on your CD.

Some older methods of connecting are detailed in the Appendices.

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