Connecting to

Our main student development server is - running Fedora Linux. turing (not "turning") is named after the famous computer scientist Alan Turing

To use turing, you need your UNE username and password. Your UNE username is the first part of your email address. For example, if your email address is then your username is jdoe

There are several ways to connect to

X2Go Client

X2Go Client is the most common way to connect. It will provide you with a remote desktop on turing and give you access to UNE Computer Science computing resources as if you were in a computer lab at UNE. The steps to install X2Go are:

Here are some PDF documents with screenshots about installing X2Go client:

SSH and Putty

X2Go gives you a full desktop. Sometimes all you need is a simple non-graphical terminal. You can do this with the ssh program (or putty on windows). ssh can be started from a terminal on Linux or a Mac and should be installed by default. Start a terminal (Linux/Mac) and at the prompt type:

Where username is your UNE username (email address without

Windows users should install putty from

Note ssh and putty are a good way to debug your connection to turing. If ssh/putty does not work, X2Go will not work. X2Go uses the same protocol as ssh/putty


X2go and ssh/putty are for working interactively on the remote system turing. But what if you want to transfer files to/from your computer and turing? You can do this with any program that implements the SFTP protocol. (Google SFTP client). Popular choices are FileZilla and WinSCP. Also the command line sftp on linux.