Yihong Du

Postdoctoral Fellows

  1. Dr Benniao Li, Oct. 2019-Aug. 2020.

  2. Dr Ting-Ying Chang, Jan. 2019-Mar. 2022.

  3. Dr Wenjie Ni, Sept. 2018-

  4. Dr Weiwei Ding, Mar. 2015-Mar. 2017.

  5. Dr Maolin Zhou, Nov. 2014-May 2020.

  6. Dr Mousomi Bhakta, Sept. 2013-Sept. 2014.

  7. Dr Wonlyul Ko, 2006-2007.

PhD students

  1. Miss Narges Shabgard, 2023-

  2. Miss Rong Wang, 2019-2022, PhD awarded 2022 (Chancellor's Doctoral Research Medal).

  3. Mr Rajnesh Mudaliar, 2018-2021, PhD awarded 2021.

  4. Mr Kamruzzaman Khan, 2017-2020, PhD awarded 2021 (Chancellor's Doctoral Research Medal).

  5. Dr Benniao Li, 2016-2019, PhD awarded 2019 (Chancellor's Doctoral Research Medal).

  6. Mr Reginald Page, 2016-2018 (Withdrawn before completition)

  7. Dr Linfeng Mei, 2009-2012, PhD awarded 2012. (Recipient of 2011 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad.)

    Thesis title: Reaction diffusion equations arising from phytoplankton dynamics.

  8. Dr Rui Peng, 2007-2010, PhD awarded 2010.

    Thesis title: Periodic-parabolic logistic equation with spatial and temporal degeneracies.

  9. Dr Wei Dong, 2001-2004, PhD awarded 2004.

    Thesis title: Positive Solutions for Qualsilinear Elliptic Equations.

  10. Dr Qingguang Huang, 1996-1999, PhD awarded 2000.

    Thesis tilte: The Conley Index and Monotone Dynamical Systems.

Master's students

  1. Mr Reginald Page, 2014-2016, Master of Scientific Studies awarded 2016.

    Thesis title: The Schauder estimates for linear elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations.

  2. Mr Adam Walsh, 2014-2015, Master of Scientific Studies awarded 2015.

    Thesis title: Semi-waves.

  3. Mr Brett M. Bujeya, 2005-2006, Master of Scientific Studies awarded 2006.

    Thesis title: Some Further Remarks on the Existence and Uniqueness for the Generalised Logistic Equation on R^N.

  4. Mr Michael Krueger, 1999-2000, Master of Scientific Studies awarded 2001.

    Thesis title: Travelling Wave Solutions of a Semilinear Parabolic Differential Equation.

Honours students

  1. Mr Alexander McKinlay, 2017-2018, B. Science with honours awarded 2018.

    Thesis title: Some multi-dimensional extensions of the Hardy Inequality

  2. Mr Andrew Keane, 2011-2012, B. Science with Honours

    Thesis title: Synchronisation in networks of delay-coupled excitable systems

Last updated: Sept. 2018

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