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Mini-workshop on Nonlinear PDEs

The workshop will take place in Building C26 (Maths, stats and computer science). Morning and afternoon tea will be in the tea room on the second floor and the talks will be in Room 113.

The workshop dinner will be held at 7pm on Wednesday evening (Oct 1) at Mandarin Restaurant.

Organizers: Yihong Du (UNE), Steve McCormick (UNE), Xu-Jia Wang (ANU) and Shusen Yan (UNE)


  • Shibing Chen (ANU)
  • Matt Cooper (UNE)
  • Norm Dancer (Univ of Sydney)
  • Yinbin Deng (Central China Normal Univ)
  • Yihong Du (UNE)
  • Yuxia Guo (Tsinghua Univ., Beijing)
  • Zongming Guo (Henan Normal Univ)
  • Qirui Li (ANU)
  • Steve McCormick (UNE)
  • Shuangjie Peng (Central China Normal Univ)
  • Mingxin Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology)
  • Shusen Yan (UNE)