How to make a billion dollars in a week.


  1. Borrow $100 and open a foreign exchange account.


  1. On Monday at 8:01am buy 8718 Japanese Yen.  At 8:14am sell 8728, give 4 to your friendly broker, leaving 6 profit. Your broker allows you to leverage the transaction 58 times by lending you A$5,700. Your net profit is therefore 348 Yen or 3.5%.


  1. In the next fifteen minutes, with equity of A$103.48, sell at 8730 and buy at 8712, grossing 18 pips (14 after deduction of brokerage spread). Your equity is now A$111.88


  1. Repeat this process every 15 minutes, selling high and buying low until close of business on Saturday morning. Your average profit per transaction is 3.3%, yielding a final balance of $A 1,087,061,600.


  1. Repay the $100 loan.






If you feel it is unfair to make so much money, reassure yourself, you are giving liquidity to the market and helping others by promptly filling their trading orders.


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