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Welcome to the Research and Special topics information portal for computer science at the University of New England, Australia. This site contains information for students that wish to undertake a Research Thesis (within a postgraduate or undergraduate-honours computing course), the Research Methods unit (SCI500) or complete a 6cp Special Topics unit in the computer science discipline. The information presented here will guide you through the process of selecting a supervisor/project and completing the required documentation to complete your enrolment correctly.

SCI500 - Research Methods in the Sciences

SCI500 unit is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to plan and execute a substantial research-based project and to prepare and present a thesis comprising a literature review and the results of the research project. Through this unit students will be introduced to the tools and techniques required to produce high-quality research documents and source relevant information from a variety of sources.

SCI500 is a requirement of (and a precursor) to the Computer Science Thesis (COSC593) or the Information Technology Project (COSC592) within the Master of Computer Science, Master of Information Technology and Master of Information Technology (Business). Typically the subject area or topic researched in SCI500 will be linked to a future thesis topic(COSC593), with SCI500 providing the opportunity to complete background research required for these units.

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Computing Science/IT Thesis (Both COSC593 and COMP400)

COSC593 is a 24 credit-point research project that is aimed to assist students in developing a deeper knowledge in solving real world problems relevant to the areas they have chosen. The goal of this project is for students to gain practical experience working on research projects under the guidance of experienced supervisors. Students will produce a substantial research thesis that will be examined by academics both internal and external to the university. Students completing COMP400 in the Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours will also be able to draw on projects listed for COSC593.

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COSC301/SCI501/SCI502 - Special Topics Projects

The special topics units allow students to undertake a 6cp project selected from the current list of topics provided by the academic staff. The topics provided are directly linked to the research and interests of the academic staff and give students a chance to explore areas outside those provided within the regular coursework units. There are three different types of topics that can be undertaken through these units including:

  • Coursework Topics
  • Software/Systems Development Opportunities
  • Research Opportunities

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