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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for comp131/comp530

I'm new to UNE: How do I start using my UNE computer account?

If you are enrolled at UNE you will have a computer account (a username and password) set up for you. To access your UNE account you need select myUNE and log into your UNE account. Once you have logged into your UNE account you should now be presented with links to all your enrolled subjects. Your UNE account will also allow you to access the turing computer system.

How do I download material from UNE library's eReserve?

You can access it by going the the UNE library home page, URL

then scrolling down to the Quick Find eReserve Readings link.

Next type comp131 in the Unit Code box.

You should then see the readings available

select the reading you would like to view
(e.g., chapter 1 of the 2nd edition)
Introduction to computers and Java
Gaddis, Tony ; Muganda, Godfrey

What is turing?

"turing" NOT "turning"

The computer system we use here in computer science at UNE, is named after the famous computer scientist - Alan Turing
For more information, see links below:

How do I change my password on my UNE computer account?

To change your password just goto the ITD (Information Technology Directorate) website, located at URL:

What is a pdf file?

PDF stands for  Portable Document Format . These type of files let you view and print a document as the author designed it, without needing to have the same application or fonts on your computer. To view or print a PDF file, you need the Adobe Reader®, version 5 or later, on your computer.

You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader® from the Adobe website. See: Download Acrobat
Installation instructions are available from the Adobe website.

How can I check my email?

To check your mail at UNE, you can use your web browser (FireFox, Netscape, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, or ...) to read and send mail from your computer account.

Goto the university home page located at URL:

Then select the "Current Students" link located at the top of the page
and then scroll down the page and select "Webmail" link

and then enter your username/password combination.

What is the best way to undertake this unit?

As a comp131 student, you will be asked to solve problems using programs written in the Java computer language. To do this you will need to interact with our computer system here at UNE. For programming in Java you will be using a computer system named turing (named after the famous computer scientist Alan Turing). Details of how to create, edit, and compile programs using turing will be covered in the unit Tutorials.

Internal on-campus students will utilise the computer labs located in the Mathematics Computer (MC) building here at UNE.

The best way for external/off-campus students to undertake this unit is to install a program named x2go on their computer system and use it to connect to turing.

What is x2go and how do I install it on my computer system?

x2go will provide you with a remote desktop on the computer system turing and give you access to UNE computer science computing resources as if you were in a computer lab at UNE.

The steps to install x2go are:

Your UNE login name is the part of your UNE email address before the It contains only lower case letters and numbers.
After you start x2go, you should get a window containing a desktop on turing.
The first time you connect, you may be asked if you want to use the default desktop. You should say yes.
Some screen shots available here

What is the URL for the Java API (Application Interface)?

You can use your Web browser to view the Java API by going to either one of the following links

  1. On turing:

  2. On the Sun site:

When I open a command line terminal window through NX-Client, I cannot use the auto-complete and/or the history function. Is there a fix to this?

Yes -

For those using NX-Client via MS-Windows

Install version nxclient-3.5.0-9 of NX-client
Get the this version and follow the installation instructions found in the following URL:

If the auto-complete (TAB key) function still does not work try using the combination Cntr-TAB
(i.e., hold the control key down then press the TAB key)

For those using NX-Client via Linux

When you open the terminal window, try typing the following command
this will generate an error message the first time you do this.
Couldn't interpret _XKB_RULES_NAMES property
Use defaults: rules - 'base' model - 'pc105' layout - 'us'

You should now be able to have some if not all of your control keystrokes including the previous command (up arrow key on the keyboard)

When I try to loggin to turing via nx-client, I get the following error
"Session restore failed"

Suspended nx-client sessions tend to get messed up every now and then.

Best way to avoid it is to use the little green man to logout of an nx-client session.

Don't forget you can also use putty or ssh to connect if your nxclient gets messed up. If you connect with putty(windows) or ssh (Mac/Linux) you can type this on the command line:

kill -1 -1
which will kill all your processes (and log you out). nxclient, after one or two tries, should then work again.

If you still have problems loggin in via nx-client, you can also contact the turing systems administrator via the following email

In the email you send, make sure you specify the error message you are getting and your UNE username

E-mail [HOME] ~comp131